Sunday, 15th March, 2020
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Lightroom Tips: #002 Learn the most important Lightroom shortcuts to improve your productivity

Lightroom 4 logo tips

Like most applications, the way to make your work easier to manage and improve your efficiency, you need to learn the shortcuts. No ifs, no buts, you need to learn shortcuts! Start with remembering and using these favourite Lightroom shortcuts. Note that I haven’t mentioned any keys for picking photos? That’s an interesting topic that I will come to soon.   Beginners ... Read More »

Preview RAW camera files within Windows Explorer


Here’s a great little tip for previewing RAW Files in Windows in Explorer, Preview and Live Gallery.  All without the need to open up the likes of Lightroom, Photoshop or RAWTherapee. Download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows Vista, 7 or 8 and after a restart you should see that the it automatically loads thumbnails of RAW files from a plethora ... Read More »