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Prestashop – How to upgrade using the AutoUpgrade module.

Prestashop Autoupgrade Module Screenshot

Autoupgrading Prestashop is a pain in the ass. The best guide I have found to upgrading Prestashop can be found at┬ábut be warned, it stands at 38 pages as of 2nd November 2012. The best thing to do is to search of your error within the topic. Read More »

Prestashop released

Well, that didn't take long. After releasing version less that 48 hours ago, Prestashop have released version to address the following issues:   Added Features: [+] MO : Shopping Flux / MailJet Fixed bugs: [-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFI-4154 - submit image product bug [-] SQL : fixed primary keys issue on Cart_product * * The SQL ... Read More »

Prestashop released


Prestashop has just been released! UPDATE: Prestashop has been released and is worth upgrading to. Lots of changes and fixes as you would expect. Added Features: [+] Project : added new mode "_PS_MODE _DEMO_" when this option is activated, some features are disable, like module upload… [+] BO : New Mobile tab for modules [+] BO : fixed ... Read More »

Prestashop Add to Bookmarks missing in Chrome

Prestashop have published a fix on its bugtracker for the frontennd of your store where the “Add to Bookmarks option does not appear. There was an problem in the js/tools.js file (the problem being the code did not do anything): Change from: [js toolbar="true"] function writeBookmarkLinkObject(url, title, insert) { if (window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf(‘Chrome’) != -1) return (”); else if (window.sidebar || window.external) ... Read More »

Credit Card Logo Generator for Prestashop

Credit Card Logo Generator

MerchantEquip has a great credit card payment logo generator which is  useful all kinds of e-commerce sites to visibly show customers what they can use before it's too late.. This is a great starting point before developing your payments logo. If it was to offer different image sets and telephone and collect options then it would be perfect! [adsense] Read More »