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Lightroom Tips: #002 Learn the most important Lightroom shortcuts to improve your productivity

Like most applications, the way to make your work easier to manage and improve your efficiency, you need to learn the shortcuts.

No ifs, no buts, you need to learn shortcuts!

Start with remembering and using these favourite Lightroom shortcuts. Note that I haven’t mentioned any keys for picking photos? That’s an interesting topic that I will come to soon.


Beginners Lightroom Shortcut Keys:

G – Switch to Grid View

E – Switch to Loupe View (Single Image View)

D – Develop View

R – Switch to Crop

I – In Loupe View, you can repeatedly press this key to switch between seeing the camera settings used and the file information such as the photo dimensions. Press CTRL+J (CMD+J) to change what information is show.

Previous & Next Image

After you’re consistently using the above,  move on to some of the advanced Lightroom shortcut keys:

Advanced Lightroom Shorcut Keys:

CTRL (CMD on a Mac) – With the Crop tool open, use this shortcut to move onto the next photo with the crop tool already open (with the same ratio).

CTRL + E (CMD + E) – Open the image in your editor of choice, e.g. Photoshop, Gimp, etc.

CTRL + SHIFT + E (CMD + SHIFT + E) – Opens the Export dialog box.

CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E (CMD + SHIFT + ALT + E) – Export the selected photo(s) using whatever previous settings you used.

< & > and + & -  - This one takes some getting used to. In Develop mode, < and > with let you skip through the various treatments (Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, etc) and then use the + and – keys to adjust the values within the settings.


I hope you find a useful shortcut within the list and as always, if you want to see a how to guide or article, then leave a comment below.

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