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Apple Vs Samsung: UK Court ruling tells Apple to re-write statement

iDevices - Apple Vs Samsung Ruling UpdateIn the most recent ruling on the Apple Vs Samsung court case, Apple has been told it must change the wording and style of the ruling statement that appears on it’s website as it’s simply not ‘punishing’ enough.

Having been told by the English courts that Samsung did not copy Apple’s design, Apple were told to post a statement on their Apple UK website to the same fact. Except what transpired was a  cleverly worded statement that some considered to twist the ruling in Apple’s favour.

Lord Justice Longmore has told Apple to re-write their Apple vs Samsung statement as Samsung had argued that it was misleading.

With the release of the new iPad Mini and iPad 4, the last thing they needed was to be told  was that Applemust put the statement on the front page of it’s website and leave it there until the 14th December! That’s surely going to interest a few ‘on the fence’ shoppers.

Apple requested 14 days to make the changes but have been told to update within 48 hours. A busy 48 hours of  hard work for the PR and Legal team’s of Apple.

More at and for the court readings on the Apple Vs Samsung case, check out BAILLI.

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