Monday, 16th March, 2020
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Prestashop released

Prestashop has just been released!

UPDATE: Prestashop has been released and is worth upgrading to.

Lots of changes and fixes as you would expect.

Added Features:

[+] Project : added new mode "_PS_MODE _DEMO_" when this option is activated, some features are disable, like module upload…

[+] BO : New Mobile tab for modules
[+] BO : fixed bug on category tree view

[+] MO : Module MailJet (1.0)
[+] MO : Module Shopping Flux Export (1.4)
[+] MO : Update Ogone to use the new system to store payment cc details
[+] MO : Update Paypal to use the new system to store payment cc details
[+] MO : autoupgrade – now autoupgrade handle ZipArchive missing class
[+] MO : importermagento management of real payment

[+] TR : Added translations for AIM module

Improved/changed features:

[*] FO : #PSCFI-3841 : Bug Fixed : Comparator error: You cannot add more than 3 products(s) in the product comparator

[*] BO : #PSCFI-3830 Deleted upload files are not removed from download directory (when adding a product)
[*] BO : #PSCFI-3875 Can't search for customers when creating vouchers
[*] BO : #PSCFI-3911 : Bug fixed : Combination Import Deletes Existing Images
[*] BO : Autoupgrade update
[*] BO : Cleanup extra tabs and spaces


A full changelog of the Prestashop features and fixes can be found here.

Direct Download Link [EN]


Looking for help or instructions on upgrading to Prestashop

I recommend a read of the following threads on the Prestashop forum to help in upgrading any version of 1.4. i.e. version to



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